About Stuart Showalter


Stuart Showalter is a parent who experienced a high conflict child custody battle during a divorce and for years that followed.  Now he and his former wife work effectively together to meet the needs of their son who will finish high school this year and attend Indiana University to pursue a law degree.

He has assisted parents in child custody cases for nearly 10 years.  By regularly discussing child custody issues with judicial officers throughout Indiana he is able to help parents integrate the lifestyle changes that judges find most favourable.   As a child custody policy advisor Mr. Showalter has written and had child custody related legislation passed into law.  His counseling to lawyers has helped them achieve more favourable results for their clients including winning appeals, gaining parenting time, reducing conflict and mediating agreements. Additionally he made important contributions to the amended Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines that went into effect on 01 March 2013 and is currently formulating recommendations for the Indiana Child Support Guidelines.

Through use of novel and traditional approaches Mr. Showalter provides the guidance necessary to navigate the field of fine nuances surrounding child custody litigation.  No amount of trial preparation and legal maneuvering is going to be effective for a parent whose finances, physical and mental health, emotions, time management skills, employment, and relationships are in chaos.  It is for that reason that life coaching must be a part of the child custody litigation process.  You may read more about Mr. Showalter's Child Custody based Life Coaching HERE.


Mr. Showalter is not an attorney and will not provide specific legal advice to you but can help you locate an attorney to advise or represent you in a child custody proceeding.

My Mission

Personal Mission Statement:

For parents, practitioners and policy makers to foster environments that promote positive parent-parent and parent-child relationships that help children to thrive and enjoy a better quality of life.

Philosophical statement: Child custody decisions are not about the law, but are judgments based upon parenting skills and behaviours. Harmonizing your finances, physical and mental health, spirituality, diet and lifestyle is essential to achieving a better custody decision and relationship with your child.

Domestic Violence Goal: 
To have the US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics contact the State of Indiana to ask why our Domestic Violence rates are much lower than any other state.

Public Policy Objective: To ensure that the laws, rules, and policies of the State of Indiana in regards to child custody litigation and placement minimize litigation and conflict while producing the best outcomes for children. To this end I seek to become involved in cases that can have the greatest impact on public policy. 

Memberships and Appointments


Prevent Child Abuse Indiana 
Mental Health America Indiana
Toastmasters International 
Indiana Counseling Association
Libertarian Party of Indiana 
American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana 
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays: Indianapolis


There are moments in time that seem to dictate the course of the rest of your life.  As I continue on my journey of seeking to end child custody conflicts it becomes more apparent that the defining moment for me was 01 November 2001.  That is the day I received the following motion which sought to transfer -- in attempt number four -- primary residence and legal custody of my son to his mother.  When you read this motion take particular note of the date on which it was filed while keeping in mind that the courthouse closes at 4:00 p.m.

 2001 Halloween Motion for Emergency Custody

It was at the hearing at the end of that month when the so-called "evidence" was presented.  It consisted entirely of testimony by my son's mother and someone for whom she babysat.  There was no presentation of the video recording that allegedly existed.  The police chief in this letter says it doesn't exist.  There was no police officer to testify to even having seen it or at some point that it did exist.  Yet that was enough for now Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David to find that I had done as alleged and use that to transfer custody and primary residence of my son to his mother.  The tragedy of it all and the point at which I fired my attorney and began representing myself was when confronted with a document that was filed BEFORE the alleged incident, that the alleged evidence was never properly fabricated and presented, and that I had witnesses to where I was that evening my attorney told me to admit to it.


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