Indiana Child Custody Public Policy Objectives and Proposals

On this page you may find public policies and policy proposals on matters related to child custody, child support payments, parenting time, and child well-being.  Included are pending legislation, proposed changes to rules of court, and information on how you can affect changes to Indiana public policies.

It is the policy of this state to recognize the importance of family and children in our society [IC 31-10-2-1(1)], recognize the responsibility of the state to enhance the viability of children and family in our society [IC 31-10-2-1(2)], strengthen family life by assisting parents to fulfill their parental obligations [IC 31-10-2-1(4)], and provide a judicial procedure that, ensures fair hearings [IC 31-10-2-1(10(A)], recognizes and enforces the legal rights of children and their parents [IC 31-10-2-1(10(B)], and holds them accountable [IC 31-10-2-1(10(C)].

         Public policy presentation of Stuart Showalter at the Libertarian Party of
                       Indiana State
 Convention, 26 April 2014, Indianapolis

Discussion Forum on Indiana Child Custody Policy

Indiana General Assembly


Indiana General Assembly Organization Day

Interim Study Committees

Indiana Child Custody and Support Advisory Committee

Members:   Sen. Susan Glick, Chairperson
  Sen. Rodric Bray
  Sen. Karen Tallian
  Sen. Greg Taylor
  Rep. Rebecca Kubacki
  Rep. Don Lehe
  Rep. Vanessa Summers
  Rep. Christina Hale
  Kathryn Hillebrand Burroughs
  Bruce Pennamped, Esq.
  Magistrate Kim Mattingly
  Peter Nugent


Child Services Oversight Committee

  Sen. Carlin Yoder, Chairperson
  Sen. John Broden
  Rep. Kevin Mahan
  Rep. Gail Riecken
  Sean McCrindle
  Judge Christopher L. Brunham
  Jolene Bracale
  Suzanne O'Malley
  Mary Beth Bonaventura
  Larry Landis
  Leslie Dunn


Indiana Supreme Court 

 Domestic Relations Committee of the Indiana Judicial Center

Testimony of Stuart Showalter on review of the Indiana Child Support Guidelines

Report of Stuart Showalter on review of the Indiana Child Support Guidelines
            Appendix A

How Do Child Support Order Amounts Affect Payments and Compliance? by Mark Takayesu, October 2011.

Setting Appropriate Orders to Increase Future Compliance and Payments by Mark Takayesu, 08 March 2013.




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