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Ukraine Olympian Sergiy Fesenko needed to concentrate on swimming in his pursuit to again return to the Summer Olympics, this time in 2012.  What life threw at him was a child custody battle.  Although he had a coach for his swimming he still needed someone to keep a balanced focus on the competing aspects of the Olympic Trials and the pending child custody hearing.  Unfortunately Mr. Fesenko failed to make the cut for the Olympic games but he did get 50/50 parenting time with his toddler son. 

Craig Scarberry was stunned when a Madison County Indiana judge stripped him of his parental rights because he changed his religious preference from Christian to agnostic.  Mr. Scarberry was referred to Stuart Showalter for assistance by the governor's office.  While Scarberry was starting the appeal process Mr. Showalter was securing the assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana.  The ACLU credited the legal recommendations by Mr. Showalter for the Order of the Indiana Court of Appeals that returned the three children to their father. 

Brian Moore thought the relationship with his children would be guided by the settlement agreement reached in 2009.  But seven months later the children's mother sought full legal and physical custody.  Just as the litigation leading to the agreement had been high conflict and protracted so the modification action appeared to be headed in the same direction.  Instead of going the usual route Mr Moore followed the recommendation of a prominent Indianapolis attorney and sought Mr. Showalter's help.  In 2012 the court issued an order granting Mr. Moore every weekend with his children from Friday through Monday plus additional weekday overnights.  He also chose to share joint legal custody with their mother because he felt both parents should still make the big decisions by agreement.


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A community discussion following a Letter to the Editor by Stuart Showalter about Teen Domestic Violence.

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