Stuart Showalter Services

Mr. Showalter is not an attorney and will not provide specific legal advice to you but can help you locate an attorney to advise or represent you in a child custody proceeding.  If you believe that Mr. Showalter has engaging in the practice of law then complaints should be made to the Disciplinary Commission of the Indiana Supreme Court.  The Commission also accepts omplaints against attorneys and judges for misconduct.

Understanding Stuart Showalter's Child Custody Coaching Services

Stuart Showalter Child Custody Advisor provides the following services

Child Custody Coaching

To begin the process for Child Custody Life Coaching please download and complete the Life Coaching Application along with the Weekly Life Coaching Contract.

Hourly Legal Consulting for Attorneys

For hourly consulting for attorney's or represented litigants please download and complete the Application along with the Hourly Consultation Contract.

Evaluation and Observation

Mr. Showalter is available to conduct parenting evaluation and observation followed by an appearance in court to provide his expert opinion.  This service is available for current clients.  Contact Mr. Showalter to discuss this option.

Mediation and Facilitation

Mr. Showalter holds a firm belief that mediation produces the best results for the parties and the children. To begin the mediation process download and complete the Application and Contract.


Mr. Showalter is available as a speaker, presenter, or moderator to groups, organizations or in seminars. Please contact his scheduler with your request.  Rates vary depending upon status of the requestor and issues to be presented.

Click on the service title or use the drop down menu for more details on these services.


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Conveniently pay for your services now

For your convenience you may pay for the following services by selecting from the drop down menu to the right.

Initial Consultation $150 - Select this to be submitted with your application.  This payment will be refunded if your application is not approved.

Weekly Coaching $100 - Select this at least 5 days prior to each week you wish to continue receiving this service.

Lunch Special $200 - Select this amount for the lunch special.  Additional guest may pay at the time of service.

Observation and Assessment $600 - Select this amount if you are a weekly life coaching client who would like to have an observation and assessment performed.

Mediation Deposit $200 - Select this amount to have a mediation scheduled.  Overage charges will be assessed at the time of service.  This amount will be refunded if the mediation successfully resolves all issues.

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