Child Custody Life Coaching

Parents going through a child custody battle need more than an attorney to get them through the process. This is why Mr. Showalter offers Child Custody Life Coaching and parenting advice services across three different categories of involvement which are detailed individually below.  Don't keep allowing circumstances to direct your life.  Instead, complete and submit an application so we can get started giving control of your life and parent-child relationship back to you. Those outcomes will last far longer than the legal proceedings. By helping you maintain focus, relieve anxiety, and reduce litigation this service actually pays for itself through lower legal fees and increased self-sufficiency.

Self Represented Parents

If you are a self-represented litigant then the task ahead of you is even more daunting. The thought of going into a courtroom filled with procedures, technicalities and well-trained opposing attorneys may be more frightful than the possibility of going to jail or losing your children. It does not need be such a terrorizing experience and will not be if you are an informed and knowledgeable litigant free of the anxiety that haunts most parents. If you do not already have an advisor attorney Mr. Showalter can assist you in interviewing attorneys and obtaining one that is appropriate for your needs. An advisory attorney helps you develop legal strategies and reviews your proposed filings but still allows you to directly communicate with the opposing party and perform other perfunctory tasks on your own. This is an economical way in which to have legal counsel and also keep you directly involved in your case while potentially reducing conflict.

To be the best parent you can be for your child during this transition in your life you need more than just legal knowledge that attorneys provide; you need the support of someone who has been through what you are experiencing. A contested child custody case will disrupt your daily routine and life in general. The impact of this disruption will depend upon your perspective, preparation, and ability to cope.

The importance of child custody decisions requires more than a casual relationship to the process. Mr. Showalter can help you to be emotionally and physically prepared for trial as well as develop a schedule that ensures you have ample time to prepare your case. He can teach you how to format documents, access and use documents created by attorneys, conduct research, and help you understand the trial process. He will examine with you your most favourable and unfavourable parenting traits and how to modify those to build a better relationship with your child in a manner most appealing to judicial officers. Additionally, he can help your witnesses understand the trial process and alleviate their anxiety, keep you on your schedule, and be a comforting voice, even in the middle of the night, when your emotions or anxiety overwhelm you.

Please contact Mr. Showalter's scheduler to submit an application and arrange a consultation to discuss your parenting objectives and how his services can help you set and achieve appropriate and attainable goals.


As a child custody advisor Mr. Showalter uses his vast child custody knowledge to help you achieve more favourable results for your client.  He will also increase your productivity, reduce your workload and lower costs for your clients. He can help you formulate trial strategy, negotiate settlements, draft documents, conduct research, prepare witnesses, assist your clients in understanding the process, and provide expert testimony in a contested hearing.

Through his vast experience he can provide to you knowledge about the temperament, practices, and expectations of numerous judges or opposing attorneys. He even goes so far as to advise on what to expect from the other parent based upon his or her religious or cultural background. If an extra set of hands is needed during trial or detailed note taking then you should consider using Mr. Showalter for that also.

Recently Mr. Showalter provided input to the appellate attorney representing Craig Scarberry, the Anderson Indiana man who lost custody of his children because he changed his religious preference to that of agnostic. In the appeal of that judgment it was Mr. Showalter's input that prompted the attorney to file a motion which resulted in the Indiana Court of Appeals issuing a Stay of the judgment.   Mr. Scarberry's children were then returned to him.

Please contact Mr. Showalter's scheduler to arrange a no-fee initial consultation to discuss the services he offers.

Hourly Consultation and Assistance Rate for Attorneys - $120 per hour

Additional plans and discounted rates for my clients using your service are available

Application for Services

Contract for hourly services

Represented Parents

Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity, Guardianship, CHINS, or any proceeding in which child custody is determined can be a draining time both emotionally and financially. It is natural to want to distance yourself from this traumatic event and just let a lawyer handle it. However, this is a time in which you must invest in yourself, your case and, most importantly, the future of your parent-child relationship. If you are beginning the litigation process and plan to use an attorney you will need Mr. Showalter to ensure that your counsel is the best for your case.

As an experienced litigator Mr. Showalter can assist your attorney and also bridge the gap between your attorney's legalistic perspective and that of a parent having never been through a legal proceeding. He can make your time with your attorney more efficient which ultimately saves you money and allows your attorney to concentrate on his or her area of expertise -- the law. Just as you would not want to entrust your life to the opinion of one doctor before a major surgery you don't want to let an attorney, alone, determine the course of action that could affect parent-child relationship for life.

The demands placed upon attorneys can often outstrip their ability. By allowing your attorney to have Mr. Showalter as a resource you get the additional insight of someone who dedicates his life to the study of child well-being and custody issues. This can be the difference between being a parent or being a visitor in your child's future.

Please contact Mr. Showalter's scheduler to submit an application and arrange a consultation with you and also with your attorney if you have one to discuss his services.

Child Custody Life Coaching by Stuart Showalter

Why Life Coaching

If you have found your way here through searching for information about life coaching or Indiana child custody experts then you already know one of life's most important lessons – everyone needs the help of others.  Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify personal goals and then empowers them to achieve those through the strengths they already possess.  You will soon be living up to your full potential and achieving a better parent-child relationship using child custody based life coaching.

Life Coaching is not motivational training that simply pumps you up to tackle a situation. Instead, Life Coaching teaches you how to shed your long-held beliefs or perceptions that inhibit your ability to succeed. You will achieve a change in your cognition, dynamics and habits that will ensure long-lasting positive results coming from within you.

Mr. Showalter offers three levels of assistance in addition to hourly assistance to attorneys. The most popular and concise programme offered by Mr. Showalter is the one day Lunch Special.  This can be just the jump start that you need for establishing a new course to well-being and a better parent-child relationship or it can be the launch pad to regular Life Coaching sessions. You do not need to submit an application for this programme but payment must be made in advance.

Why Select Mr Showalter as Your Life Coach

As a life coach Mr. Showalter draws upon his personal life experiences and those of his years in helping people through contested child custody litigation. He will help you focus on and empower you to change your current and future behaviour.

Mr. Showalter has overcome many obstacles in his life and, at age 45, is an active child custody and parenting advisor who is also an avid cyclist. He is self-taught and has a back-ground in marketing and advertising that allow him to disregard many of the societal scripts and pedagogy that limit people's success.

Just as he has not been formally trained in law, neither has he been trained as a doctor, psychologist or counselor. The very reason he has been successful in advising attorneys and state policy makers about child custody matters is that he was not trained in the same manner that restricts people from accessing all possible solutions to a problem.

Once a professional cyclist, he was struck by a vehicle and nearly killed at age 20. Later he was sent to a high security federal prison for over a year where he began his study of law and sociology. Three years after the birth of his son, his wife, while being treated for an atypical mental state, left the family then later filed for divorce. Although she had engaged in numerous acts that restricted her fitness to parent at that time and had left the family she was still awarded full legal and physical custody of their child by gender default. Mr. Showalter was also left homeless, jobless [through forced liquidation of his business] and penniless by the court. 

Yet through all of this he still maintains a positive outlook on life, has no adverse health conditions, is financially secure while working at his leisure and enjoys the respect and admiration of his son, members of the community and state child custody policy makers. Mr. Showalter will share and guide you through the steps that have allowed him to overcome such adversity and still go through each day with a smile on his face.

The Lunch Special

Combining food knowledge, spirituality and daily living techniques to harmonize your life and relationships

The Lunch Special is a three hour programme conducted by Stuart Showalter which is held at one of Indianapolis' finest restaurants.  This programme provides comprehensive instruction about the integrated relationship of food, exercise, stress, familial relations and illnesses with easy to follow lifestyle modifications that will optimize your well-being by harmonizing all of these integrated aspects of your life.  During this time you will learn about selecting and preparing foods to gain maximum benefit.  Stress relief techniques.  Easy to do exercises.  Methods of avoiding illness.  How an imbalance in one area of your life affects the others.  Finally, the key benefit of it all – improving your relationship with your children.

The Lunch Special is designed to be a one-time programme that takes place while you select from over 100 food offerings at one of Indy's finest restaurants.  The programme includes a 26 page guide that can set you on your way to lifelong changes for a healthier you and an improved relationship with your children.  Additionally, you will receive a monthly email containing the latest well-being update from Mr. Showalter that provides deeper insight into specific areas of the healthfulness spectrum.

Price and availability

Participants do not need to complete an application to participate in the Lunch Special.  The Lunch Special is available to anyone and one guest for only $200.  Additional guests, up to a maximum of four, may be included for only $50 each.  The cost of the meal is included for all guest.  All participants will receive a copy of the guide and monthly email updates.  Contact Mr. Showalter's scheduler now so you can begin to experience better interpersonal relationships, all the joy life has to offer and be on your way to reaching your goals soon.  You may pay by using the Paypal link below.  Please select a date from the following available sessions.


Next available sessions - 

03 June 2015
11 June 2015
17 June 2015
01 July 2015

Weekly Life Coaching
Giving you the knowledge, guidance and partnership to achieving lifestyle changes you desire

If you are involved in ongoing child custody litigation then the Weekly Life Coaching is for you.  This programme is designed to keep you on track to making necessary lifestyle changes and providing the regular support that is necessary to do that.  This is an economical alternative to more intensive therapies that will actually pay for itself.  This programme includes:

~ A weekly session of up to two hours to review your progress, consult with your attorney if you have one, discuss your concerns, make any adjustments to your plan, grow your confidence, and improve your parent-child relationship.
~ E-mail and text support to address specific concerns about your case or other situations that arise between weekly sessions.
~ Documentary support and related articles sent to your e-Mail
~ 24 hour emergency telephone contact

Price and availability

There is no application fee.  Additionally there is no cost for clients who adhere to their Life Coaching Plan. The investment for the initial consultation, which will take about 2-3 hours, is $150 and must be included with your application.  If your application is approved then an interview will be scheduled and the questionnaire sent to your email. If your application is not approved it will be destroyed and your accompanying $150 payment returned in full.   You may pay for your initial consultation by using the Paypal link below.

Your continuing monthly Life Coaching investment will be $100 per week. If Mr. Showalter needs to travel to meet with you the fee is $1.20 per mile from the Indiana State House.  Additional hourly consultation for Weekly Life Coaching clients is discounted 50% to $60 per hour.   You may pay by using the Paypal link below for automatic weekly billing for a 26 week period.  You may cancel at anytime by giving at least a 5 day advanced notice.  Automatic billing rate is $95 per week.

There is a $300 rescheduling charge for missing the initial consultation which must be paid before the interview will be rescheduled.

Weekly Life Coaching Application
Weekly Life Coaching Contract
Privacy Policy

Intensive Monitoring

Immediate intervention necessary to ensuring focused results for your well-being and child custody case

Traditional Life Coaching involves evaluating, educating, planning an entrusting participants to adhere to a plan for accomplishing their goals.  While weekly two hour consultations are satisfactory for most people there are cases where more intensive intervention may be needed.  If you are facing the potential loss of custody of your child or termination of your parental rights absent decisive and quick action then you may need the Intensive Monitoring programme.

The Intensive Monitoring Programme is a unique service for parents currently engaged in child custody litigation.  Mr. Showalter seeks to ensure that you are able to fulfill your needs and those of your children by facilitating success of the actions that judicial officers feel that you must take.  In addition to the regular Weekly Life Coaching services he will provide Home Consultations at least one time per month and then as needed.  During the Home Consultation portion of this programme he will arrive at your place of residence around noon and leave the following day at that time.  During his stay you will consult about your particular situation, establish or modify your goals and plans of action and also practice physical exercises and nutritional awareness.  It is during this time that he can also make observations of your interaction with your children.  This may be followed by his expert testimony in court.

Intensive Monitoring may be appropriate for you in duration of only one session or through ongoing sessions until your needs have been met.  This programme includes everything involved in the weekly Life Coaching and these additional services:

~ Daily text messages suited to your specific goals

~ Tutorials relevant to your needs

~ Weekly phone consultation of up to one hour

~ Lifetime monthly well-being update sent to your email

Price and availability

Programme fee includes the $100 per week for Weekly Life Coaching plus $600 for each Home Consultation*.  Opportunities for the Intensive Monitoring are very limited.  If you feel this may be for you then complete and return the Intensive Monitoring Application to his scheduler.  If you are not a current Stuart Showalter Life Coaching partner then include this application along with your Weekly Life Coaching Application and $150 initial consultation investment now.  Download and review our Privacy Policy.


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