Indiana Parenting Time Observations and Assessments

If you are involved in contested litigation and need to have a third party present an objective view of the parent-child relationship, parent-parent communication, and a home assessment then you should consider using Mr Showalter for that task. He can make these observations of either or both parents and provide testimony to judicial officers about those observations and their connection to the child's best interest.  Mr. Showalter is not an attorney nor does he advocate for any party in a child custody dispute. Instead he uses his child custody expertise to advise parents, practitioners, and judicial officers on his observations and opinions in child custody cases.  Mr. Showalter will not make a custody and parenting time recommendation but will provide recommendations to the parent or parents on how to satisfy the best interest of the child standard.  This service includes an observation in the home that is usually for a 24 hour period, a thorough verified report, and his testimony if needed.

Cost for observation, report, and follow-up consultation is $600.  There is an additional fee for court testimony.

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